ITW Dymon® Liquid Alive
Odor Digester

1 qt. $12.95

QUEST® Enzyme Treatment
Super Bugz- Citrus, Berry, and Neutral

1 qt. $12.95

Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator
Enzyme and Stain Treatment

1 qt. $11.95

Use ANY of these products formulated with beneficial enzyme-producing microbes that eliminate organic waste odors, malodors, and pet odors. Safe for use in residential and commercial applications.


— Kitchens
— Restrooms
— Carpets and Upholstery
— Pet Areas - cat urine etc.
— Automobiles
— Laundry
— Drains
— Any Environment where bad odor occurs.


— Controls Odors
— Easy to Use
— Safer than Chemicals
— Biodegradable Formula

Dilute a rate of 1/20 in water. Apply in a fine mist with the aid of a bottle sprayer directly to odorous surfaces.

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