Central Vacuums are the most effective vacuums that eliminate dustmites, spores, and pet dander in your home. A central vacuum is also allergen-free because the unit is located outside the home, usually in the garage. They are most powerful than any other upright or canister vacuum (usually rated 100 - 135 water lift).

Deer Park Vacuum offers in-home service for central vacuums. If you have problems with your unit such as low suction, abnormal vacuum noise, no power, or any other troubles, please contact us at 281 ∙ 479 ∙ 6560 and we will be gladly to help you.

Service rates start at $64.95.

Service Includes:

∙ In-home Service
∙ Test the Main Unit and Motor(s)
∙ Suction & Water Lift Test to check for any clogs in the intake
∙ Remove any Blockage in the Suction Intake
∙ Clean and Service the Power Nozzle
∙ Check for any worn gaskets at the hose connections
∙ Replace Bags and/or clean Filters
∙ Replace Power Nozzle belt
∙ Vacuum Test the Central Vac

Please be advise that if parts are needed, additional charges may apply.
To schedule an appointment for In-home service please give us a call anytime during business hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm ∙ Sat 9:00 am - 3:00pm.

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Store Policy and Disclaimer:
All Repairs left over 30 days (AFTER the day they are called to be picked up) will be sold for charges.
Warranty returns will only be accepted with original receipt
Parts are under the manufacturer's warranty, Not Deer Park Vacuum.
We are not responsible for shipping delays of ordered parts.
We are not responsible for your loss or damage in case of fire, theft, or acts of God.